our philosophy

  1. African Beauty

Africa is the origin of clean beauty

We intentionally locally source indigenous ingredients in Africa.

We offer skincare solutions that are ethically sourced in the enriched landscapes of Africa.

We want to showcase the best of what our African continent offers when it comes to selfcare, that is the essence of our community.


  1. Slow Beauty: Sustainable Self - care

We continue to find new ways to build a better future and the environment. 

Our Products are hand - crafted in small batches to minimise waste and avoid over production. This allows the active ingredients to be of their most potent and therefore most effective.

We honor the earth for her provisions by ensuring our best efforts for sustainable packaging. Our packaging is 80% recyclable and 100% reusable.

We need to take care of our beautiful continent while we take care of ourselves. 

Sustainable self-care practice grounded in nature, health and wellness to support a joyful way of feeling and being in the world.

We encourage slowing down through daily self - care rituals to enhance beauty from inside and out.

Quick fixes and instant results are not sustainable and do not create value for health and well-being.


  1. Certified organic and natural ingredients

We pride ourselves on formulating our solutions from certified natural and organic suppliers. This allows us to handcraft our solutions in small batches, ensuring freshness, and effectiveness (quality over quantity).

We use only certified organic and eco certified ingredients because of the belief that our skin absorbs everything we apply on our skin & scalp straight to our bloodstream. 

We avoid using heavily processed ingredients to allow the plants natural healing properties – enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – to remain fully active.


  1. Cruelty - free Beauty

Our products are made of non - harmful ingredients

Our products are not tested on animals nor sold in countries where testing on animals is mandatory.


  1. Vegan friendly Beauty

Our products are only plant - based or no animal products are used as ingredients, including honey (beeswax), collagen, albumen, carmine, cholesterol and gelatin.


  1. Accessibility

We all deserve to have access to good skincare and that is possible through using African ingredients and rituals handed down from our ancestors. 

Beauty is for all, rich or poor, young or old, and its starts from within – taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically. 

Meet Lulama, LUAMU Founder

Lulama, has been developing her own African concotions for years. 

Because of her hormonal condition - PCOS and her daughter's condition i.e. eczema, she found that the products available in retail didn’t suit them. This led her to try natural ingredients, and she quickly realized the power of them on her skin.

LUAMU was born in 2020 and is the result of the combination of Lulama's condition and interest in natural cosmetics. 

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