the beauty of heritage

the beauty of heritage

This weekend, we as South Africans were encouraged to celebrate our cultures and the diversity of our traditions.

Luamu Care as an African Beauty brand, we celebrate heritage month honouring different traditions and cultures. We may have different cultures but our skin and scalp are the same, we use same oils and serums to take care of ourselves.

At Luamu Care, we have products that are suitable for all hair, scalp and skin types. Our products are certified organic and natural ingredients that your scalp and skin loves. 

Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane, our skin recognises these ingredients because we are born with squalane and hyaluronic and then as we grow up we lose it, hence our skin becomes dry and develops wrinkles. This month, you can spoil yourself with these two products they are both retail at R160 each, you wont regret.

All orders over R500 will receive FREE complimentary shipping within South Africa valued at R69 per package. International shipping is also available estimated at $37 for all countries.

Luamu Cares!!!

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