women's access to selfcare

women's access to selfcare

Women's month is not only a celebration of the women who marched on the day, but also the women who continue to shape and change the women's movement. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines selfcare as the "the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of health care provider." Unfortunately, most women and girls in Africa still do not have access to essential healthcare, such as sanitary pads, family planning, access to cancer, etc. 

When we care for ourselves in deep and meaningful ways, we are best able to care for others and the world. Selfcare is a journey and lifestyle of healing, loving and empowering. Furthermore, it allows women to help and take care of others in their community, by sharing reliable information peer to peer, delivering care as community health workers, and engaging with people within the same lived experience and health needs.  

Selfcare empowers women by giving them access to information and services. Knowledge is power, and for women knowing their health status means they can take control of their own health. 

Set time aside daily focusing solely on your selfcare needs. We should educate ourselves on what sorts of ingredients we want to avoid and make informed purchasing decisions. For hair wash days, please try our hair treatment oil blend as a pre-shampoo treatment and Hemisqualane as a heat protectant, sealing & styling your hair.



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