unearth a skincare journey

unearth a skincare journey

Skincare is a powerful self-care journey, a daily mindful approach to self-care that enables you to devote time just for yourself. Practicing selfcare creates mindfulness and brings balance into your life, hence it is wise to consciously control routine lifestyle activities, like maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercising, daily clean face treatment and quiet time.

Luamu Care believes in intentional and minimalist beauty that is an antidote to the fast – paced lifestyles and quick – fix options. We offer products that encourages slower and simpler regimes that work best for the individual and the environment.

Try our Hyaluronic Acid serum its 1% solution of pure hyaluronic acid to leave your skin hydrated, feeling smooth, soft and glowing. It is sourced locally and caringly packaged in a 30ml clear glass and with a dropper to dispense the serum without waste. 

100% Cold - Pressed Virgin Marula Oil  it's an organic cold - pressed oil sourced locally, caringly packaged in a 30ml amber glass to maintain its efficacy and with a dropper to dispense the oil without waste. It's a multitasker - can be applied to skin and hair.

Set time aside, today focusing solely on the needs of your skin, hair, and scalp.

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